Photography pricing is based on a number of factors.  Among these are;

  • Uniqueness of the image and how difficult it is to produce.
  • The costs and expenses involved in the production of the image.
  • The market in which the image will be used.
  • The value of the product or service that the image will be used to promote.
  • The relative importance of the image in the article or advertisement in which it will appear.

It is important to understand what photography dollars are buying.  A photograph is a copyrighted work owned by the photographer and in most cases, the copyright remains the property of the photographer.  

Unlike products, which are "purchased", a photographic image is "licensed" for a specific use tailored to your need.  While it is possible to purchase or buy out the copyright, doing so is usually cost prohibitive and can amount to several thousands of dollars.  Photography is made affordable by licensing only the usage that you actually require.

We adhere to generally accepted industry standards and practices as put forth by the ASMP, PPA, PLUS, UPDIG and the United States Copyright Office.

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